He're are all the extra stuff like guest comics, additional art, skits, Q&A's and things like that are kept! They are sorted in order of appearance. Enjoy! =)

Bonus Comics
Side-content and Bonus Comics that have appeared since I started doing Voidchild!

Anniversary Art!
When Voidchild was celebrating it's one-year anniversary, I did this piece. And took some reader questions. I might do that again sometime. It was a lot of fun!

Reader Questions
And then I answered A LOT of reader questions! =)

They don't really look like postcards. These are just an excuse to draw some extra art during breaks and let readers know when Voidchild is coming back.

Collarborations that I've done with other artists/comickers! Be sure to check out their work!

Guest Comics
Any and all wonderful guest comics that have come my way for various reasons (mostly, erm, per my own requests). I've put a link underneath each comic so you can make sure to check out the Author's work if you like what you see here!

Author: Phenylketonurics
Comic: There's no Such Thing as Jason

Author: Rober L. Eoff
Comic: Symphorians

Author: Infected Blood Comics
Comic: Infected Blood