Hiatus ending

Author BlogHi all,

first of all I need to say I have no illusions. That was a pretty long hiatus. Long enough that I now have a one-year-old daughter and another little one on the way! That's kept me pretty busy as you can imagine!

Anyway, being gone for so long isn't great for maintaining readership. I realize that. But I've always said that I'm gonna continue making and posting new pages of Voidchild even if only one person reads it.

Hell, I’ll keep at it even if no one reads it. Voidchild has always been a passion project for me. A way to help me improve my artistic skills so I can make the best possible version of my comic. The reward has always primarily been seeing my own progress as a creator and I am as committed to finishing this comic as I ever was!

Also, going forward, the update frequency for new pages going forward is going to be as and when. That said, until I run out of pages or for some other reason need to take a break I'll aim to post a new page once a week. Just realize I won’t always be able to hit that target and I’d rather take my time and not rush things to avoid burnout.

Otherwise it’s business as usual. Oh, aside from my regular goals of making a comic so I can improve my art so I can make a comic I suppose my new additional goal is getting this all to work while also being a decent enough dad! Family always comes first, but Voidchild is a very important part of my life and I aim to make it work!

Hope you're ready for more though because I am pumped about where the comic is going! And you'll find a few pages in that I've made a pretty drastic change to the comic that's going to hopefully enhance your enjoyment of it!

Oh, and as for when the hiatus actually ends

Hiatus Ending

See you then!

/The Author

posted by TheVoidchildProject @ 24th May 2022, 6:54 PM