Major Characters:



Mary Walker


Mary Walker


Also known as: Snowflake, The Voidchild

Current status: “Passing through” Victoria

About: Mary Walker is the main protagonist of Voidchild. A mysterious young woman linked to a potentially catastrophic mystical entity. She finds herself caught up in the affairs of Victoria as she passes through. Before she knows it, she’s tangled up in the city’s many dark intrigues.



Abraham Bekker


Also known as: Abe

Current status: Agent of the Paranormal Investigation Unit

About: Abraham Bekker is an agent working for the P.I.U ( the Parnormal Investigation Unit). His poor presentation and hygiene belie a dedicated professional. He quickly takes an interest in Mary as they cross paths during a mutual investigation and offers her to come work with him.



Nelson Movian


Also known as: "The Silver Owl"

Current Status: Director of Galileo Mercantile

About: A mysterious businessman who runs the largest trading company in Victoria. His dealings are manifold and his true motive obfuscated. He is member of a clandestine organisation, hitherto only referred to as "The Order". But is he really one to settle into such a hierarchy? In any case, The Voidchild's recent appearance in Victoria seems to have caught his attention.




Also known as: No other known aliases

Current Status: Made contact with The Voidchild

About: Amir's origin is a mystery, but he has shown to possess the same or at least similar power to those of Mary. He also seems to know more about The Voidchild than most. While there are similarities between him and Mary, there are also differences to note (Amir's gleeful personality for one). Amir has so far displayed an accomodating disposition towards our heroine but his true intentions remain unknown.



Also known as: Dad

Current Status: Deceased

About: Raheem found Mary as an infant in the woods outside of his hometown of Kynthale, Kenya, where he'd gone to end his own life after suffering a devastating loss. But finding Mary rekindled his love of life. Taking care of a child is a full-time job, but taking care of a little trouble magnet like Mary doubly so. And while it took some time and harsh lessons, Raheem eventually came to grow into the role of a father. Ultimately, making the sacrifice that any real parent worth their name would...


The Paranormal Investigation Unit



Joseph Bexley

Also known as: No other known aliases

Current Status: Agent/Task Force Coordinator, paired with Samson.

About: Joseph Bexley is, outside of Alistair Morgan, the most experienced of the current roster of agents within the PIU. Though he's had to work harder than most to get to where he is, you couldn't tell from his laidback attitude. He's paired with Paranormal Intermediary "Samson". Despite often seen bossing his partner around, the two are good friends. In fact, Samson is practically part of his family and pays regular visits to raid the Bexley household's fridge and play with Joseph's two kids.

Elisabeth Gammon

Also known as: Liz

Current Status: Agent/Forensic Lead, paired with Kassandra.

About: Elisabeth grew up in a military family but was always eager to pave her own way. Which is why she applied for the PIU instead of following in her family's footsteps. This is also where she met fellow agent Abraham Bekker with whom she had a brief fling. Though their relationship didn't exactly end amicably the two have remained friendly and, uhm, "kinda" professional about the whole thing. Liz is both ambitious and driven, which has earned her a reputation as a hard-ass, though she always puts her friends and co-workers first.

Kassandra Rae

Also known as: Cassie

Current Status: Paranormal Intermediary, paired with Elisabeth Gammon.

About: Kassandra hails from a long line of secretive spellcasters.  When she decided to use her knowledge and innate abilites to help others she broke the cardinal rule of her fellow casters; to never reveal their secrets to outsiders. As such, she was ostracized from her community. And perhaps she would've regretted that decision had she not found a new one with the PIU. She is considered and invaluable member of the team due to her extensive knowledge of spellcasting, optimistic nature and basically being the only one who can keep Samson in line.

Samuel Braddock

Also known as: Samson

Current Status: Paranormal Intermediary, paired with Josepth Bexley

About: Samson, as he's most often referred to, sort of just showed up one day at the PIU with an application in hand. Once they saw what he was capable of, he was quickly offered a position as a Paranormal Intermediary. Where he came from is information only a few within the PIU are privy to. Though backwards in some ways and liable to get on your nerves, no one who knows him would argue that he's anything but dependable.

Justin Green

Also known as: No other known aliases

Current Status: Agent finishing up his probationary period, currently not paired with a Paranormal Intermediary.

About: Except for Mary, Justin is the newest addition to the PIU. And maybe that's why he still seems (relatively) normal compared to his co-workers. What he lacks in experience he makes up for with committment. Now if he could only find a Paranormal Intermediary to pair up with he could finally get past that starting line...

Alistair Morgan

Also known as: Chief

Current Status: Unit Chief

About: You wouldn't know it to look at him, but Morgan is closing in on his 50th birthday. Several years ago, during his field agent days, his life was changed irrevocably after he got caught up in a hex that regressed him to a physical age of seven. Nowadays he makes use of his vast experience as Unit Chief for the investigative branch of the PIU. Though he may seem harsh at first, Morgan is very protective of his unit. And those that have chosen to go after his subordinates have learned the hard way not to judge him by his stature.

Aaron Solomon

Also known as: Professor Solomon

Current Status: Professor in the field of Paranormal Sciences and Independent Advisor to the PIU.

About: As one of the world-leading authorities in his field, it was only natural for Solomon to come work at Victoria University. He is highly regarded for his work and responsible for much of our understanding of the paranormal world. Very little seems to interest him outside of the pursuit of knowledge and this quest of his is the only reason why he serves as an Independent Advisor for the PIU. His peers attest to having a hard time discerning whether this pursuit is best labelled a calling, or an obsession...


Other important characters (in order of appearance):




Catherine Milton


Also known as: Kat

Current Status: Deceased

About: A young mother and, since recently, a widow. Mary stumbled upon her shortly after arriving in Victoria, saving her life while getting dragged into one of the city's many intrigues. Catherine had built a life together with her late husband Roy who it turns out led a sinister double-life. But while Catherine may have appeared oblivious to all the shadowy dealings happening behind her back, she was more aware than anyone around her would have given her credit for.





Also known as: Uncle Imad

Current Status: Living with his wife Alile in their hometown of Kynthale, Kenya.

About: Best friend with Mary's father Raheem since childhood. Imad is a father of his own and supported Raheem as he raised Mary. He's also shown a curious inclination towards the supernatural (as a hobby mind you). Imad did the best he could to look after Mary after Raheem passed away and was instrumental in helping her move past the trauma of her father's death.




Supernatural beings and other antagonists (in order of appearance)






Also known as: No other known aliases

Current Status: Movian's First Lieutenant

About: After the death of his predecessor, Swan was promoted to Movian’s top lieutenant. A chance he jumped at. He has had several run-ins with Mary since she arrived in Victoria, each one having ended painfully for him and the cohorts he leads. Luckily for him, Swan and his fellow henchmen have displayed a surprising resistance to injury. Almost like a blessing of some sort...




Also known as: "What on earth is that!?"

Current Status: Disassembled

About: Whatever Jack was before he was turned into a inanimate skeletal monster pet by Movian is unclear. Whatever the case may be, Movian took to calling this creature ”Jack” and used him to handle troublesome opposition. Mary learned first-hand about Jack’s monstrous strength and resilience after a close encounter with the beast.


Maman Ama


Also known as: "The Spirit of Motherly Love"

Current Status: Unknown, last seen in underground Victoria

About: Maman Ama is the literal embodiment of the concept of motherly love. Her desires are singular; to care for unloved children. She's displayed use of a mysterious suggestive power that she refers to as ”The Mother’s Authority”. While single minded, this spirit is not unreasonable. Much to our heroine’s relief.





Also known as: ???

Current Status: ???

About: These mysterious beings suddenly appeared one fateful night in Mary’s hometown of Kynthale, tasked with ending her life. Who sent them and for what reason is currently unknown. Their destructive capabilities, however, are not. Their fiery magicks nearly reduced all of Kynthale to ash. That is, until they were stopped in their tracks by an even more destructive force…



The Spirit of The Void


The Spirit of The Void

Also known as: "The one that is everything where everything is nothing"

Current Status: Contained within The Void

About: Like others of its kin, The Spirit of The Void is single-minded in its desires. Its only yearning being the eradication of all existence. Fortunatly for us, the spirit is unable to leave The Void itself to carry out this wish. Unfortunately for us, it found a way to circumvent this hindrance by creating The Voidchild to serve as its harbinger of destruction. Outside of that, very little is known about this spirit. Not even its true form. If it even has one...




The Spirit of The Void

Also known as: No other known aliases

Current Status: Personal Assistant to Nelson Movian, director of Galileo Mercantile

About: It's very rare to see Movian without Celeste around. And even when she's not alongside him, you can rest assured she is somewhere nearby. The observant have noted that she is the only one who calls him by his first name. Though she rarely speaks to other people, unless necessary. Or maybe it's that people avoid speaking to her. You see, there's something about Celeste that if you spend any amount of time around her will make your skin crawl... or maybe it's the other way around?

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