Chapter 4 - Part 2, Page 12


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7th Sep 2022, 5:51 PM

Hmm, something about this just doesn't seem right but I can't quite put my claw-like fingers on what...

As advertised last week, Voidchild is going on a little break since me and my wife are expecting any day now. We'll be back when we've all settled in a bit. =)

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7th Sep 2022, 9:07 PM

it's a simple optical illusion, like the upside down face thing

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8th Sep 2022, 1:11 PM

Personally I don’t even know what’s real anymore. Is this even a real comment that I’m replying to! O_o

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13th Sep 2022, 11:55 AM

it was .. just an illusion ..
Well that's good news, considering the nature of that illusion. But it's pretty bad news too, it may get pretty hard to tell what's real and what's not now o.O

and I fear monster girl from above belong to the 'not any illusion' part D:

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14th Sep 2022, 4:51 PM

Mary is such a powerhouse and force of nature physically, especially if she taps in to her full potential. Which is why I have to get creative when coming up with challenging opponents for her. And we might have just seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Charlotte's deceptive abilities.

To be continued once things settled down with the new baby. =)

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15th Sep 2022, 6:36 PM

That character bears a strong resemblance to a certain walking rectal orifice we met earlier....

Mary does rather lean toward the "hammer/nail" technique. :)

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18th Oct 2022, 10:57 PM

Pfft I literally just noticed I accidentally commented a comment meant for Super Galaxy Nights here instead of the one I typed out for Voidchild, just deleted it XD.

Oh man this has been fantastic so far, really love these twists and the suspense, hope you enjoy/enjoying your break can't wait for what's next.

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